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Civilization (2023)
Blending Time and Culture: Exploring Historical Issues and the Future through Andrey Novikov's Contemporary Painting Project «Civilization»
Andrey Novikov's new painting project, "Civilization," extends his meditations on humanity's destiny and influence. The work once again features gigantic fragments of ancient sculptures, but their role is transformed.

"Civilization" is Novikov's contemplative gaze into humanity's potential futures, a humble attempt to visualize and grasp the various paths that mankind might tread. Unlike his previous work, the future here appears desolate and bereft of life. Small, solitary human figures seem almost lost against the imposing backdrop of stunning futuristic designs.

These antique sculptures, once emblematic of human ideas' power, now serve as unknown energy sources that fuel the structures of tomorrow. Their function has shifted, their role now hinting at salvation or preservation of human heritage.

"Civilization" paints a somber picture: the tragic demise of mankind. The lifeless world, isolated figures, and stark technological landscapes symbolize the Great Filter, echoing the unsettling questions raised by the Fermi paradox. The abundance of futuristic constructs nudges us to ponder the likelihood of a civilization's inevitable downfall. Alas, considering the Great Silence of the Universe, this probability appears dishearteningly high.

Through this project, Novikov offers no clear verdict on humanity's fate. Perhaps the people portrayed are the last of their kind, yearning to immortalize their civilization's memory in grand sculptural forms. The surrounding desert sands symbolize time, a relentless force that might serve as the Great Filter, reminding us of the impermanence and mortality of all things. Against this arid expansion, the ancient monuments stand defiantly, their sheer scale a desperate counterpoint.

Yet there is a cyclical nature to time: rebirth follows death. Perhaps Novikov's canvases are not chronicling an hour of demise but rather a moment of genesis. The desert is not merely tomb's ashes; it is an ocean of sand, fertile with potential. Each futuristic structure may not mark a grave but signify a terraforming tool, the ark, and the lonely figures might represent pioneers rather than survivors.

"Civilization" intrigues with its unresolved conclusion. The depicted crossroads in humanity's potential history are both terrifying and inspiring, as enigmatic as the universe itself. It is not a definitive statement but a humble exploration, a reflection on what might be, and a poignant reminder of our place in the Universe.

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Unveiling «Fog»: An enigmatic contemporary art exhibition weaving visual storytelling, the power of mind, and the nature of time.
Fog (2023)
The most difficult topics to comprehend are abstract. In my new project, "Fog," I ask myself questions: "Is time relative or absolute? Is consciousness a derivative of reality? Or, perhaps, on the contrary, does the world around us turn out to be a product of our consciousness?"

The name "Fog" refers to the ephemerality and immateriality of the concept of "time," which serves as the main character here. This is further emphasized by the plot and modest color scheme of all the works. The image of time is conveyed through natural motifs: swamps, thaws, and wild forests that, at first glance, seem to dissolve all traces of human activity. It appears all-encompassing, erasing numerous events from the face of the earth and engulfing entire civilizations.

Can anything resist this power? Hypertrophied monuments and fragments of the ancient past, which appear in the works of the Fog series amidst fields and thickets, are called upon to provide an answer. These colossal and majestic sculptures, defying physical laws, rise like silent beacons above the wilderness and untamed nature. However, they did not emerge out of nowhere. They were created by human hands and hold a significant place in cultural memory. They illustrate the power of thought, great ideas, and art, which, according to the author, have the ability to subdue the relentless passage of time.

Each era leaves behind a silent witness—an idea expressed through works of art. They become milestones, symbols of time, reference points, and guides for humanity in a changing world. History, its meaning, and its role serve as the motivational core of the entire project.

Assessing the scale and true value of ongoing phenomena is challenging when one is at the epicenter of events. Distance is required for understanding. Thus, on the canvases, antique statues are always depicted in the distance, rising above the landscape, offering hope that the strength of the spirit and thought can defy the inevitability of time, history, and the laws of nature.

The project showcases both paintings and graphic works created using mixed media, including an unexpected material—Istanbul land. This serves as an important conceptual point, highlighting the overarching idea. After all, this city, at one point, became a center of ancient tradition's development and later, in the historical process, acquired the role of the Byzantine capital.
Istanbul / turkey
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Reflecting humanity's complexity: «Refraction» - A contemporary art project exploring metropolitan identity, chaotic realities, mass consumption, and social issues of modern Istambul
Refraction (2022)
In previous projects by Andrey Novikov, such as Gravity and Cultural Layer, he explored the human longing for ancient mythical creatures and the desire to escape from a ruined world through the miraculous intervention of a hero. As the next step in these projects, Refraction (Kırılma) portrays the drowning of humanity in a sea of mass consumption, while simultaneously witnessing the gradual collapse of today's world, which globally resembles a hopeless ruin.

In Novikov's works, he depicts the authentic streets and landmarks of historical cities that have witnessed the glory and downfall of different civilizations throughout history, albeit in imaginative and eclectic forms. The Refraction (Kırılma) exhibition showcases the ancient beauty of Istanbul and the colossal figures that reflect its chaotic metropolitan identity. These figures are depicted waiting, in search of a better world, amidst the treasures of the past and the rapid transformations brought about by technology.

Rather than capturing the fleeting attention of today's easily distracted viewers, Novikov aims to immobilize them in front of his cinematic paintings. The glittering, colorful, attractive, and intriguing compositions on the surface successfully grab the viewers' attention, while simultaneously drawing them into the tragic reality hidden within the vividly shining canvases. The remarkable architectural details in the backgrounds, the dramatic use of light, and the intentionally constructed surreal dimensions of the imaginary figures, which contrast with their surroundings, are reminiscent of modern Hollywood visual effects. However, each of Novikov's works carries a message that goes beyond a mere movie scene to be consumed like popcorn. Rather than resembling images that pass by the viewer like objects in a social media feed, they express the current state of humanity, lost in the whirlpools of cultural consumption.

In today's modern society, the population has become accustomed to watching even war itself as if it were a colorful movie scene. By utilizing the same mechanism that captivates people's attention during disasters, Novikov hopes to draw the viewer's attention to the superfluous reality of today's media. Refraction (Kırılma) aims to reflect the tragedy inherent in the indifference of modern people and invites them to acknowledge this human condition, despite the potentially depressive feelings it may evoke, so that they may eventually become the heroes of their own future.
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moscow / russia
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Andrey Novikov's reflection on ancient myth and hope: identifying the human longing for miraculous intervention of new heroes in a ruined world.
Cultural Layer (2022)
Download CULTURALLAYER.pdf project presentation.
moscow / russia
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Soft and not really (2022)
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