Now based in UK!

Great news! We're excited to share that the talented artist Andrey Novikov has embarked on a new chapter in his artistic journey. After his successful stint in Istanbul, he has made the decision to relocate to the United Kingdom.

Andrey Novikov, known for his visionary artwork and thought-provoking pieces, has captivated audiences around the world with his unique artistic expression. His deep exploration of philosophy, modern society, and history has earned him recognition and admiration.

With his move to the UK, Andrey is poised to bring his artistic prowess to a new audience and immerse himself in the vibrant cultural scene. The UK, renowned for its rich artistic heritage and thriving art communities, provides the perfect backdrop for Andrey to further develop and showcase his exceptional talent.

As he settles into his new artistic environment, we can expect Andrey Novikov to continue pushing boundaries and creating captivating works of art that challenge our perceptions and ignite meaningful conversations. Keep an eye out for his upcoming exhibitions and projects as he establishes his presence in the UK art scene.
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