Faces of Readng at Holybrook Gallery, Reading

14th of August - 4th of September
Holybrook Gallery
Reading Central Library

We are thrilled to present Andrey Novikov's inaugural solo exhibition in the United Kingdom! From the 14th of August to the 4th of September, join us at Holybrook Gallery, Reading Central Library, for an enchanting exploration of Reading through Novikov's artistic lens.
Don't miss this opportunity to engage with the extraordinary work of a rising talent. We look forward to welcoming you to a celebration of art and community at Holybrook Gallery.

Faces of Reading: A Kaleidoscopic Journey Through Urban Tapestry

In an era inundated with information, a city can no longer remain a mystery. Climate, history, roadways, events, demographics—all are available with the click of a mouse. Yet, as social media profiles fall short of encapsulating a living soul, so do brief digital essays fail to capture the true essence of a city.

Enter Andrey Novikov, a contemporary artist who has journeyed to the UK on a Global Talent Visa. A stranger to the British Isles, Novikov's arrival in Reading was met with a shock of novelty and an avalanche of impressions that might stun the ordinary traveler. But Novikov is no ordinary observer; he is an artist, armed with the ability to immortalize that fleeting, first impression.

Through his brush and pencil, Novikov communes with the city's soul, painting it into existence. Reading reveals itself as both ancient and youthful, a lively city whose venerable age fails to dampen its pulsating aspirations. Its architectural monuments, vibrating with the resonance of eternity, are juxtaposed seamlessly against the city's contemporary aspirations.

This might seem a trite observation, but the heartbeat of Reading lies in its inhabitants. Diverse, rich in personal history, these individuals breathe life into the streets, infusing them with desires and vitality. Reading's true wealth resides in its diversity, where expectations of graceful historic charm can meet the futuristic beat of urban life.

The aromas of curry and Jamaican fare mingle effortlessly with the refined allure of afternoon tea, creating an olfactory mosaic as complex as the city itself. Reading stands as a modern-day Jericho, a melting pot that forges a path for humanity, blending knowledge and cultures.

In Reading's embrace of its people, in its willingness to interact and accept, lies its flourishing and prosperity. Novikov's "Faces of Reading" offers more than just a glimpse; it’s an artistic exploration that captures the multifaceted spirit of a city, reflecting the individual within the collective, and the ancient within the modern. A visual poem written in strokes and form, it invites the viewer to discover Reading not as a place on a map but as a living, breathing entity.

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Abbey Square, Reading RG1 3BQ
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