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Time to collect. Guide for art lovers and art investors: Contemporary art rising stars
The first issue of "RR Lux. Personalities. Business" has been released since rebranding, dedicated to collecting and alternative investments. Inside are answers to questions: how to spend money so that the purchase pleases the eye and increases capital, and why some collections choose their owners themselves.
Exploring Humanity's Future: 'Cultural Layer' Exhibition by Andrey Novikov at Shchusev Architecture Museum
At the Shchusev Architecture Museum, a solo exhibition by Andrey Novikov titled "Cultural Layer" has opened. What will humanity be like in a world that is changing irreversibly and rapidly? The artist seeks the answer to this question together with sculptor Sergey Kolosov
Andrey Novikov's "The Refraction" Exhibition is at The Wall Art Gallery!
Andrey Novikov is a successful Russian painter who settled in Istanbul with his family while his art career was rapidly rising. Novikov, who took part in solo and group exhibitions at various art fairs in Russia and Europe, is at The Wall Art Gallery with his first solo exhibition in Turkey, following his solo exhibition held at the Museum of Architecture in Moscow, which attracted great attention from art lovers and the press. The works of Novikov, who settled in Istanbul with his family last summer, were exhibited side by side with the works of our Ukrainian artist Yekaterina Grigorenko during our summer group exhibition.
Guide to the 'Cultural Layer' Exhibition
"... Andrey Novikov is one of the most intriguing representatives of contemporary neorealism. He lived and worked in Essentuki, and for the past year, he has been in Istanbul. Some of the works for the exhibition at the Architecture Museum were completed there. The "Cultural Layer" project is currently the quintessence of his work. In most of the works, the background is dark, crumbling architecture, alongside hyperbolic figures of people or soft toys. The characters are symbolic titans of a new era, potentially capable of saving our crumbling civilization... "
Exhibitions 'Integration' by Natalia Spechinskaya and 'Cultural Layer' by Andrey Novikov
Artist Andrey Novikov (b. 1985), together with the author of glass installations Sergei Kolosov (b. 1986), are exploring the themes of the frailty of modern civilization, the search for new forms and heroes within the framework of the "Cultural Layer" project .
Erarta Museum presented an exhibition of 'beach' paintings by Andrey Novikov, creating phenomenology of everyday life in the light of the cold oblivion of space
Andrey Novikov. Sunstroke
"...My beach series began with Swimming Race. I spotted this scene by the Black Sea. Millions of years ago, the life as we know it stepped out of the sea and, having reached its peak, dashed back into the water, driven by the desire to complete the evolution cycle. Another work that is important to me is Gravity. It shows people working on the beach while others are relaxing and basking in the sun. The hawkers' merchandise is filled with air but still pulls them down to Earth as we all are pinned down by our daily concerns..."
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