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The beginning of everything is sensation.

Pure, uncluttered feeling allows you to ask yourself the right questions, which are fundamental to my art.
My eyes see reality, my thoughts shape experience, and my heart is like a compass directing my attention. Drawing is my method of experiencing the world. Pencil and paper enable me to be alone with the world, to converse with it, and to strive to understand it. Drawings, sketches, and drafts become a form of dialogue. On paper, I capture various images from real life that aid me in my subsequent work with canvas and oil, where disparate and contrasting elements converge. For me, this is a quest for the true essence of the world, beyond its three-dimensional space.

From my very first picture, I attempted to unravel the complexities of reality. I pondered: Who am I, and who are these people around me? Answering such questions requires understanding the context. Through the prism of my work, I perceived not only people but also the world they inhabit.
This environment was a product shaped by society, while simultaneously shaping the social world itself. The presence of ruins, decaying and collapsing architectural objects, is not accidental. They serve to reflect fully the decline and fragility of culture, and hence civilization.

Yet, this environment should not be feared. Instead, I felt and witnessed living heroes amidst this lifeless place. They are multifaceted and rather alien. Death without life holds no significance, just as life without death lacks progress and motion. If the world deteriorates, if it perishes, it only indicates the loss of the values that drive it.
My heroes are estranged from this world. I sought to emphasize this by manipulating their proportions and intentionally disregarding the laws of physics for them. They are towering giants, soaring through existence, oblivious to the world around them. These Titans seem to exist parallel to this inhospitable environment. Through art, I have come to accept that the time for the new Titans that this world requires has not yet arrived. Nevertheless, we stand on the precipice of their emergence.

Death is a painful and daunting concept. Naturally, we strive to postpone it. However, the demise of something dilapidated and obsolete gives way to something new. And is death truly all-encompassing? Global culture is far more intricate than a neural network; it does not fear catastrophic forgetfulness. The death of a culture becomes a flame that consumes all superfluous elements, leaving only the most valuable behind. Time is relentless, and even ancient monuments succumb to decay and lose their original appearance. Yet, the ideas that birthed them are eternal. A dying and reviving culture purifies itself. This is the role of time.

Andrey Novikov lives and works in LONDON, UK
Was born in 1-st of January 1985 in Stavropol in the artists-decorators family.

North Caucasus Federal University,
Pyatigorsk, Russia
Master of Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, 2008.

Pyatigorsk Art College, Pyatigorsk, Russia
Bachelor of Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, 2004.
Awards and Honors

2019 – Shortlist "PortraitNow2019" Denmark, Frederiksborg
2019 – Gold medal The Creative Union Of Artists Of Russia Moscow, Russia
2018 - Winner of Jury Show of pencil drawing "Shape and character" Moscow, Russia
2017 - Winner of International digital Exhibition-competition of contemporary art Shadrinsk, Russia
2016 - Grant of the Governor of the Stavropol Region for achievements in art and culture. Stavropol, Russia
2013 - Diploma of 1st degree at the festival of youth culture "ART Square" Pyatigorsk, Russia
2011 - Diploma "For Contribution to Russian Culture" of the Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow, Russia

Selected solo exhibitions

2022 - Refraction/Kirilma, solo show, The Wall Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2022 - Cultural layer, solo show, Moscow. Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
2022 - Soft and not really, solo show, Gallery K35, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Swimming is allowed, solo show of graphic, Art City People, Berlin, Germany
2021 - Let's go, let's go …, solo show of graphics, ChU-Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2020- Sunstroke, solo show, Larin Gallery, Krasnodar, Russia
2019 – Sunstroke, solo show, Erarta Museum of Modern Art , Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2019 - Solo show, El, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Selected group exhibitions

2022 - On the wall. Summer 22, The Wall Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 - Very beautiful exhibition, Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Maxim Boxer's art fair "Sphere and Kross", Peredelkino, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Golden Childhood. Games and Pranks, Ingallery, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Mountains. Heroes. Symbols, IFA and Russian Academy of Arts, Art Museum, Sochi, Russia
2021 - Alterglobalism, Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Caucasian Riviera, Traveling exhibition IFA and Russian Academy of Arts Sochi/Moscow, Russia
2020 - Exhibition of seven collectors, Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia
2020 - InArt Selected: Quarantine Edition, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2020 - Red Gate. Against the stream, Traveling exhibition of IFA and Russian Academy of Arts Moscow/Saransk/Togliatti/Stavropol, Russia
2019 - Exhibition of the regional branch of the Russian Academy of Arts Krasnodar, Russia
2019 – Samfair, contemporary art fair, Streetart Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2019 - Exhibition of the "Cube Moscow" gallery (Moscow)
2019 - Picturesque Russia, Traveling exhibition IFA and Russian Academy of Arts Moscow/ Saransk/ Saratov/ Stavropol
2019 - Nature of binary, Traveling exhibition IFA and Russian Academy of Arts Saint-Petersburg/Kaliningrad/Tolyatti/Stavropol/Moscow, Russia
2019 - Dreams without Freud, Erarta Museum of modern art, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2019 – 51Russia, R1 Art gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2018 - Sport is youth, Erarta Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2018 - Eurasian Festival Of Contemporary Art, Expo center, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Professional experience
2009 - Professor's Assistant, North Caucasus Federal University, Pyatigorsk, Russia.
Responsible for teaching beginning-level drawing courses.
2011 - Lecturer, North Caucasus Federal University, Pyatigorsk, Russia.
Develop and provide personal Motion Graphics and Artistic Anatomy courses
2014 - Lecturer, North Caucasus Federal University, Pyatigorsk, Russia.
Responsible for teaching graduate-level Motion Graphics and Drawing courses
2017 - Lecturer, Non-Profit art school ,Yessentuki, Russia

Andrey Novikov (Andrei Novikov) was born in 1985 and raised in the south of Russia within an artistic family. He earned a master's degree in graphic design from NCFU in Pyatigorsk. Following his formal education, he engaged in work as a designer, illustrator, and concurrently served as a university educator. Starting as a lecturer's assistant in his teaching career, he gradually ascended over a decade to the position of lead lecturer. Throughout his life, he clung to his dream of professionally pursuing painting.

In 2017, he made the momentous decision to depart from his roles as a lecturer and designer, dedicating his undivided attention to the world of art. By 2018, an invitation materialized for a solo exhibition at Erarta Museum, Russia's preeminent private museum of contemporary art. There, he successfully unveiled his inaugural significant painting project, "Sunstroke," contemplation on societal apathy juxtaposed against the backdrop of an impending catastrophe. Unfortunately, the project proved eerily prophetic.

Andrey positions himself as a figurative meta-modern artist. Art, for him, is a form of cognition. Starting with projects addressing social issues in his native society, Andrey gradually begins to contemplate global questions.

In 2022, at the zenith of his artistic journey and grappling with profound moral disquiet stemming from Russia's unfettered war in Ukraine, Andrey resolved to leave his homeland. The project "Cultural Layer," created simultaneously with the onset of the war in Ukraine and possibly one of the last free projects exhibited in a major Russian museum, marked a turning point. His reflections on societal indifference in the initial artistic project "Solar Strike" transformed into a vivid depiction of catastrophic consequences. With broad attention in the cultural sphere of Russia during that period, it can be said that the "Cultural Layer" project served as a manifesto of protest and self-expression that society could afford in the summer of 2022.

Relocating to Istanbul, he sought to reassess the tumultuous events in his native land by delving into Istanbul's rich historical tapestry. Life along the shores of the Bosphorus bestowed invaluable experiences and inspiration upon Andrey Novikov. The city's historical legacy and the ethereal remnants of bygone civilizations convinced him that Istanbul existed within its own distinct reality. This transformative year bore fruit in the creation and exhibition of major projects: "Cultural Layer", "Refraction", "Fog" and "Civilization". In total there were around 100 artworks, and at least 2/3 of them were sold during exhibitions in 2022-2023.

Due to his diligence and dedication to his craft, Andrey has secured several contracts with various galleries in Istanbul, Moscow, and Berlin. The sincerity, depth, and thoughtfulness with which Andrey approaches his work have earned him a reputation as a philosophical artist.

In 2023, Andrey Novikov received a compelling offer from the Ministry of Culture of the United Kingdom, prompting his relocation to the United Kingdom under the auspices of a Talent Visa. From that moment Andrey Novikov lives and works in Reading, UK.


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