The Modern Tragedy of Indifference: Longing for New Heroes.
The Wheel of History Against Globalization
In previous projects by Andrey Novikov, such as Gravity and Cultural Layer, he explored the human longing for ancient mythical creatures and the desire to escape from a ruined world through the miraculous intervention of a hero. As the next step in these projects, Refraction (Kırılma) portrays the drowning of humanity in a sea of mass consumption, while simultaneously witnessing the gradual collapse of today's world, which globally resembles a hopeless ruin.

In Novikov's works, he depicts the authentic streets and landmarks of historical cities that have witnessed the glory and downfall of different civilizations throughout history, albeit in imaginative and eclectic forms. The Refraction (Kırılma) exhibition showcases the ancient beauty of Istanbul and the colossal figures that reflect its chaotic metropolitan identity. These figures are depicted waiting, in search of a better world, amidst the treasures of the past and the rapid transformations brought about by technology.

Rather than capturing the fleeting attention of today's easily distracted viewers, Novikov aims to immobilize them in front of his cinematic paintings. The glittering, colorful, attractive, and intriguing compositions on the surface successfully grab the viewers' attention, while simultaneously drawing them into the tragic reality hidden within the vividly shining canvases. The remarkable architectural details in the backgrounds, the dramatic use of light, and the intentionally constructed surreal dimensions of the imaginary figures, which contrast with their surroundings, are reminiscent of modern Hollywood visual effects. However, each of Novikov's works carries a message that goes beyond a mere movie scene to be consumed like popcorn. Rather than resembling images that pass by the viewer like objects in a social media feed, they express the current state of humanity, lost in the whirlpools of cultural consumption.

In today's modern society, the population has become accustomed to watching even war itself as if it were a colorful movie scene. By utilizing the same mechanism that captivates people's attention during disasters, Novikov hopes to draw the viewer's attention to the superfluous reality of today's media. Refraction (Kırılma) aims to reflect the tragedy inherent in the indifference of modern people and invites them to acknowledge this human condition, despite the potentially depressive feelings it may evoke, so that they may eventually become the heroes of their own future.
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